And they covered every available surface

Here’s an annotated tour of some of the current projects found in our house this week.

We’ll start with my favorite. The kindergarten reading assessment: This is “is.”

Got it? Good.

Don’t you just love the pure, simple expectations of kindergarten?

Next, there was the tiger, made from chicken wire, paper mache, and fabric.

This was … quite an undertaking. Sorry you missed it…

But we have given birth now to Seth, and he went off to school yesterday morning.

Moving on to our debate over John Steinbeck’s, The Pearl.



Does being dissatisfied lead to destruction? Does being satisfied lead to destruction? I’ll let you be the judge.

How truly, utterly interesting that this debate leads us to our next project — Bionicle surgery.  Is it possible to download the instructions and turn a mati into a toa mati nui?

Or should we just buy the  one we found on ebay?

And not to be left out, of course, my kindergartner wanted a project, so he’s decided we’re making these.

Finger puppets.

My arms feel strange; as if they have been pulled in four or five different directions.

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