And, then there was this toad

This is a follow up to the fleeting pet story. Just as we were leaving the lake, and I was busy packing the car, the boys found a toad. He was bigger than frog, and he was a huge hit. But, it was time to go, so I told the boys to say goodbye to toad, and we would be back in couple of weeks to see him again.

I reached in the back to buckle up my littlest guy, and there he was, with toad in his lap. No, no, sweets, we can’t take toad him with us for the 3 hour trip home. (I’m picturing him, jumping around the car, while I maneuver my way through traffic, and I am the only legally-aged person out of the five of us able to drive.)  Let’s leave him here, and he’ll be here when we come back.

After a few more propositions, he reluctantly got out of the car, and put toad back. On the sidewalk, on his back. My son figured, in a position like that, toad wouldn’t be able to easily get away, and yes, he would be “right there” when we came back. Luckily for toad, he flipped over and got him self righted.

The best part? He starts preschool today, and there’s a pet toad in his room.
If you haven’t seen the 2 minute pet videos from the lake, here are the links. Part 1 and Part II.

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11 comments to “And, then there was this toad”
  1. Hey Susie, I’m impressed he actually left it behind! I guess there was some wild reptilian karma going on for there to be a pet toad in his classroom.

    I got your comment on my Fun Monday post this morning, and I’m curious what it means for me to have come up on your Google Desktop (I’m clueless, sorry).

    ALSO, I’d love for you to be one of my “pay it forward” “winners” (is it a contest? ha!) but I need your snail mail address for it to count…are you willing to share? Just email me if you are :).

  2. My kids love toads, too. They had a horrifying incident this summer when a visiting kid KILLED ONE right in front of them! My poor kids! The poor toad!

  3. Robin, I was thinking about writing a how-to on the whole new google desktop thing I just discovered. It’s pretty cool — I’ll let you know when I get the post up.

    Beck — that sounds awful. I’m sure it was that “squeeze” that little ones give?

  4. Not a very big fan of frogs and toads – we have lots of them come up to our driveway after an afternoon shower.
    But the pictures are sooo cute. He totally loves the toad.

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