And All Was Silent

As a person who no longer fights her chronic bronchitis, thanks to apple cider vinegar, I know there is no better way to clear the chest congestion than with a simple sip of apple cider vinegar.  Still, no matter how much honey you put in the shot glass for a virgin hot toddy, it’s pretty tough to get the wee ones to drink the vinegar; even though the kids are worn out and exhausted from the cough. Of course, cough medicines for children, which really never worked anyway, are pretty much out of the question now, due to their danger.

I found a solution that silenced what started out to be a long, noisy night of coughing, and put all of us, even the one with the cough, into a state of restful bliss.

I soaked a cotton wash cloth in apple cider vinegar, and added a few drops of lavender, eucalyptus, thyme and sweet orange essential oils.  These oils are known for their respiratory benefit; but I was really just trying to help sweeten the smell of the vinegar. You can use whatever oils you have; as long as they are Pure Essential Oils and not synthetic (which could make the cough worse.)

I wrung out the excess vinegar, so the cloth wouldn’t drip, and placed the cloth on his chest. Next, I pulled down his jammy shirt, and placed a towel on top of his chest.  Next, I applied a heating pad, set on the lowest setting.  The heat penetrates the vinegar right into his chest, where it works to break up the congestion to help him sleep.

I left the heating pad on him while I was awake. When I went to bed, I replaced the heating bad with a warmed rice bag.

And, all was silent.

7 comments to “And All Was Silent”
  1. Really? Thanks Susie. With temps dipping in our city, the kids are down with the cough. The older one can stand the apple cider but the younger one thinks otherwise.

    I’m trying this one.

  2. Do I have to order the essential oils on line or is there any where around here I can buy it? The coughs were awful at our house last night and the whole time I kept thinking about this post. But, I can’t get the oils quick enough if I order them. (hopefull they would be better by the time received them in the mail!)

    Do you know where I can find them? Whole Foods maybe??

  3. Jani, the oils are at whole foods… they did have them at Giant Eagle, but I think they’ve removed them. If you need some oils, stop by and I’ll give you a few drops to get you going for tonight if it’s too much hassle to stop at the store.

    Here are some guidelines about the oils. They are too strong for skin. They will burn… so always dilute a couple of drops in a teaspoon or two of vegetable oil. This method involves adding the oils to the vinegar, which dilutes them enough to keep them from stinging the skin. You only need about two drops, at most, of each oil. The bottles of essential oils I have are about 3 years old. They last forever, and you don’t need to use much.

    I went to school yesterday and found my coughing child on the playground running around without his hat, winter coat and gloves… the snow just whipping right through him. He refuses to dress warmly; and yesterday I was sure he would have a relapse. He coughed after school, but I packed him up with vinegar and oils again last night, and he didn’t cough at night, or this morning.
    Makes me feel as if I can actually do some things right!

  4. Where was this advice a week ago???? GROAN.

    Thanks so much – I did steam baths and cinnamon (I think he had bacteria) and it did clear up but it sure took a long time.


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