An Overdue Thank You Note

Dear Mr. Mrs. R.,

I wanted to write you both to tell you how grateful we are that you were up at the lake that weekend when we drove up during the winter storm. Thanks for calling us while we were still in the car, asking us if we wanted you to turn the heat on so it would be warm when we arrived. Glad the key was easy for you to find.

The drive was treacherous, the storm came suddenly leaving spotty black ice patches across the road. When we finally pulled into the lake lane, we were nothing short of amazed to see both of you standing in our driveway with shovels in hand, snow blowing across your faces, on a path clear for driving, and the walkways already cleared up to the house. I know we said thank you at the time, with our stunned, mouths, gaping open in surprise — well I think we did — but I wanted to be sure.

Although it was no shocker to our littlest guy, we were bewildered to learn that Santa Clause knew the address to our lake house! He said, “See, I told you that Santa wouldn’t forget about us.” In his mind, the presents had been dropped off, of course, on Christmas Eve, and had been waiting for our arrival all this time. And again, how prudent of Santa to know that there was no Christmas Tree at the lake, and to provide one for us.

Your dinner was fantastic. I think it has been several years since I was able to sit down and enjoy my meal while someone else kept my boys entertained… and actually get them to eat!

And Mr. R., this part is for Mrs. R.: Sometimes, a girl who spends so much time with 5 men, needs someone to talk with just for the sake of talking. I love sitting with you at your kitchen bar, decorated in vintage Coke memorabilia, while you tell me how it used to be at the lake. I’m grateful to have someone to tell my stories to about what the boys said or did, and thank you for laughing at the parts of the stories that seem so overwhelming to me. Your giggles have a way of changing my perception.

And Mr. R, you amaze us, especially the boys, at how well you keep that pot belly stove going, and create so much heat in the cabin all day.

That weekend, thanks to your big touches, was one of the most remarkable winter weekends we’ve had in a long time. I can’t wait to see you again this summer. Let us know when the “garage sale” weekend is, as we have a rubber raft we’d like to relinquish to a new owner. And yes, we’ll have some of your home made ice cream too, after we’ve hit the blueberry patch.

Thanks again,



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  1. I’m having trouble posting… not letting me show me blog, just an fyi… but yes, it sounds like heaven up there.

  2. Wow! You are so very lucky to know such wonderful and kind hearted people. That sounds like a very special weekend and place, hope you have many more special times there.

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