An Irish Country Memory

Two or three years ago, I listened to a book on CD by Patrick Taylor, called, An Irish Country Christmas. I remember the month was late February, early March… and it was cold outside. I turned it on whenever I was out running errands, picking up the boys from this or that place.

We have spent time in Ireland… but the memories of  Christmas in that cozy village of Ballybucklebo are burned more brilliantly in my imagination than my real visit to Ireland — and I’m surprised at how much those memories, 2-3 years old now, shape my day. When I’m driving around in the cold, I think back to that chicken pot pie that was waiting for Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly, and I think, I want to make that too… like right now. More than what is actually sitting in my fridge, that book influences what we have for dinner, (only in the winter), than anything else.

Some mornings, I find myself pulling out a tomato to throw on the skillet with the eggs… something I really did eat while in Ireland. (The Irish do not eat eggs without tomatoes… does that surprise you? Me too.) And I end up with a morning like this one.

This makes for a very good morning… the tomato caramelizes on the skillet — Irish heaven… just try it.

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