An Alternative To The Pill

The Wall Street Journal yesterday revealed that as the pill turns 50, almost half of pregnancies in the US are unplanned. This, despite the fact that women can choose from a full range of birth-control options, including pills, patches, rings and IUDS.

I might have a solution to our nation’s birth control dilemma: a cheap, inexpensive alternative, that could last a lifetime.

The method came about when I hired a woman to help me spring clean the house. She brought in a team of 8 women, and for five hours, my house will filled with the laughter and conversation of a multitude of generations of women.

They scrubbed my floors, washed my woodwork, got rid of the dust bunnies, admired the photographs of my children all over the walls, and were kind to my boys. They even helped the boys get their snack, and never complained about them being “under their feet.” I felt like a pampered queen, and found myself wishing, for just a second, that I had a newborn again, so I could know what it would have felt like to be surrounded by so much female support in hours of need.

In a moment of exasperation, I heard one woman say, “Cleaning a house lived in by four boys is the best birth control method I’ve ever seen.”

My house is kind of like “Scared Straight” to instill the value of birth control or abstinence. If anyone wants their teen to feel the full impact of birth control, send them over. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can.

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  1. Oh AMEN sister!!!!!!
    The other really good method of birth control at my age is seeing yourself naked. 🙁 Euch. It would put anyone off! 😉

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