Always Remember The Great Power Behind You

I always loved it that my boys loved superheroes. They wanted to BE a superhero… there was nothing more important to them than donning their cape in morning, before heading downstairs for breakfast.

Then, spending the entire day, re-enacting scenes with their little guys, then heading to the park, so they could BE the guy that saved the day, flying on the swing. The cape gave them the feeling that they were part of something bigger — a great power behind them to ensure justice would always prevail, the weak were rescued, and no one got left behind. Time spent as a superhero was time well spent. 

The superhero reminds us that there is a better way to look at things – we can become part of the solution, rather than the problem.

With all of the enamored feelings about superheros and what they teach children, I melted when I watched this:   

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