Air Conditioning And The Common Cold

A medical study in Wales confirms what our Grandmothers told us years ago. Cold wet feet can make you sick. According to the research, “many of us carry around a subclinical cold infection and that chilling the feet opens the door for it to become a full-blown cold.”

As part of the study, the subjects dipped their feet in ice water for only 20 minutes (HORRIBLE! CAN BARELY THINK ABOUT THE TORTURE!) and “found that those who got their feet cold and wet were significantly more likely to develop symptoms of a cold over the next four or five days than were those who just put their feet in an empty bowl.”

And you’ll be surprised at how the effect of cold works in our bodies. Dr. Eccles explains: “It’s well known that chilling the feet causes vasoconstriction in the nose. That has two common cold-producing effects, he says. It reduces the number of immune cells available in the nasal epithelium and slows down mucociliary clearance, allowing infectious agents more time to do their dirty work.”

“For every person with a cold, there are two or three who have sub-clinical infections – that is, they have the virus in the back of their noses but they do not develop symptoms, and may never do so. The body’s normal immune response keeps them in check.”

Why am I telling you this now that it’s warmer weather? Because — air conditioning. One busy afternoon, I was sitting at my desk writing away, and thinking, wow… it’s really cold in here! I need to put socks on because my feet are so cold they hurt! But– deadlines… So I kept writing.

Within a day and a half — I was sick. With a cold that quickly turned into bronchitis! And now I know — it was the cold feet that did it.

Wherever you go — the grocery store, the doctor’s office, the movie theater, and churches — bring a sweater, and cover your feet! Becuase it’s cold in there!

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