After this Winter, I’ll Take Endless Summer®

We have gone from this winter002 to this, in less than a month. And I am ready to get my hands dirty and the yard pretty. Anyone else want to join me? First, the crucial step to a beautiful garden is editing. Want to know a secret? The best way to rid your garden of English Ivy that has “gone wild,” is to use a half-moon spade. Just wedge the blade underneath the soil about two inches and shove. Up comes Ivy runners and roots, giving those flowers, shrubs and trees a chance to take a deep breath. But, this is not easy work, and not for the faint-hearted. Want to know another secret? You need to clear up some of that ivy, and trim a few shrubs if you want to look outside and see endless beauty. Yes, grab that half-moon spade and get to work — but know that you’ll still need to do your share of pulling, and digging. Clear space is a sign that there is a gardener at work. I learned all this from my neighbor, Linda, a proper landscape architect. More importantly, Linda is also a gardener. Did you know there’s a difference? Linda’s landscape is not just artistically balanced, but reveals a subtle color wave that moves slowly through the months, starting in March and flowing all the way through to November. Her front step pots are not just a showcase for summer annuals, but are part of that subtle wave that moves the flower parade up to her front door. Clearly, there is an evolving master plan. She gave us her certified approval to pull out some hideous looking bushes, and to replace them with some color – specifically, hydrangeas in that beautiful, lavender blue, like the BloomStruck™ from the Endless Summer® Collection.   hydrabgea287
 Hydrangeas are one of our “native” plants, existing around the time of the American Indians, who used the plant to treat bladder diseases. Now, this “old” plant has been giving a new fresh twist to delight busy gardeners like us. This hydrangea is from the world’s first and best-selling assortment of re-blooming hydrangea. Don’t you just love that shade of blue? The Endless Summer® hydrangeas are easy to grow, requiring a low investment in time, money and effort for a big reward. You can plant them straight in your yard, in a shady place, and they’ll continue to bloom all summer. Plus, you can put them into containers, and later cut and dry them for flower arrangements. birthdays001 It’s time to get busy out there… and wipe away all those memories of the “white winter” and add some Endless Summer® to our yards! So here’s my question to you. Did that horrendous winter we had, when we thought the snow would never stop falling, and the temperatures would never rise about freezing, make you want to get outside and get your hands in the dirt to create some beauty for your own yard?  

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73 comments to “After this Winter, I’ll Take Endless Summer®”
  1. Of course it did! I love spring where I get out there and plant flowers, mulch and make my flower beds the best in the neighborhood!

  2. Even when the winter isn’t really bad the warm spring days give me the urge to start planting. But this year was so long and so hard I thought spring might never arrive.

  3. The colorful flowers of summer are always something I look forward to after the cold of winter.

  4. I just have a bit of a garden and I grow herbs. I volunteer at the Denver Botanic Gardens and enjoy all their flowers.
    Thanks for the contest.

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