Advent, Day 9: So Far, So Good

It’s Day 9 of Advent, and remarkably, we seem to be on track of breaking our traditional family ritual of forgetting to keep track of our Advent Calendars.

We always start out with the best of intentions; but somewhere along the way of fixing dinner, completing homework, playing with our killer race track, and putting shoes on kids attending school programs, the evening ritual of reading the appropriate day from our Nutcracker Advent Story,

and hanging the book as an ornament on the tree to mark the date, falls to the wayside. Remarkably, we have 9 books on the tree on day 9,

as we’re marking time with Marie and Herr Drosselmeyer and Fritz. The entire story of the nutcracker is broken down into these 24 tiny books.

And no, we won’t be at the end by Friday, the night of the ballet; but he already knows how it ends; so, we’re good.

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