Accessorizing a Dress

I didn’t know what to bring her, really. I missed the latest call for meals — her chemo isn’t going great, and she is much sicker than she expected to be. Aren’t we always.

But the email said, “Just drop something off, just to let her know you’re thinking of her.”


dressDSC_0159Today, I finally made something for her. 

As I fumbled with parchment paper (why can’t TAPE STICK TO PARCHMENT PAPER?!) and resigned to just tying the sourdough loaf with twine, I thought about the freshly-made black raspberry jam, and how I hoped her kids would like it as much as we do. I hoped they would love it and devour it.

But, then I realized, that her kids really wished I wasn’t coming over with this package. How they really wished her mom didn’t need someone to remind her that we are thinking of her.

I needed a dress…

So, I went to his origami dress video and taught myself, again, how to make one. I don’t have a spare card in the house, and stopping at the store to find one, and pick one out, will only delay my gift even longer.

We are Bible study friends. She lives on The Word.. and as I folded, I tried to think of which verse of strength I could write down — maybe on the front of the dress… 

She needs more than one word of strength. How can I limit her to just one? So, I covered the entire dress with treasures… little scavenger hunts, for her, really. Lots of strength loaded onto this dress.


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  1. So thoughtful. I am rubbish at these kind of things. I always admire them when others do them, but when I try to think of what I could offer i come up with a big fat blank!!

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