A weekend



At the lake

It was chilly, 56 degrees; windy at night, 36 degrees.
The furnace works well, 10 gallons of propane left from 20 at the beginning of the summer.





A fire to burn brush from the storm, and sticky marshmallows that just wouldn’t roast.
The cold gave us a reprieve from the mosquitoes
Tom’s Donuts, bacon, fried eggs and a BLT with Uncle Bud’s fresh tomatoes
Lots of sun, despite the chill.
We wore jeans, sweatshirts. The little ones wore their scarves from winter, with shorts and sandals.


A Sat AM drive to town; $24 for empty cans; $20 for Zicam for colds that are running through our heads. Kids fighting in the van all the way.
An unsuccessful nap; a first swim across the lake.
Blueberry pancakes for lunch; winterizing the guesthouse with antifreeze.
A canoe ride across the lake to see the “witch’s house”; forgot the underwater camera.
A Saturday college football game on Uncle Bud’s tiny TV; a pizza and local blueberry wine.



Noticing the leaves beginning to change across the lake…



The sunset, the fire, the water. A weekend.

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