A Box Is Really Just A Castle Yet Undiscovered

If there  is a box to be had, he will scavenger it. Structures of corroguated cardboard are like gold to him.

He sees how it all will comes together, using what materials he has.

He was inspired by this book, Fantastic Rainy Day Book.


Which, of course, was bought years ago for his older brother… who made a fabulous red robot from this book… and used it as a gift exchange for a boy who loved red robots.

Love the details on the castle doors…. from toilet paper tubes.


One comment to “A Box Is Really Just A Castle Yet Undiscovered”
  1. I adore the creativity of your boys. Himself made a castle like this for his boys when they were little. He coated it with paper mache and rigged up a light inside. As impressive as it is…they didn’t make it. Your boys have a much greater treasure….

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