A Scattering of Memories 

They scatter like pieces of glitter. Suddenly, the thought of gathering them all together for a group shot is just about as horrifying as being dropped out in the middle of an ocean and fighting the waves to get back to shore.
In the midst of the chaos I was grateful to hear my name called up to his room, and given a bottle of rubber cement, and asked to help glue the pictures to his collage. The pictures he picked out himself, out of the scads of snapshots we have collected from his life.  

So at 11:39 pm, we were gluing photos together in his room, at the last minute,

 on the eve of his party.  

It was an honor to be asked to help.  

It’s one thing to look back upon these photos for the memories they evoke, but quite another to think that these are the special ones he choose as special enough to mark this day.

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