A New Mushroom Legend

Untitled-5A story to pass on to the Grandchildren: So, Daddy was driving down an old country road, driving about 60 mph, (minus 55), and Mommy was looking out the window, and she yelled, “Stop, I see one!” Once the car stops, she jumps out of the car to retrieve her treasure.


You can’t see it? It’s right there! A wild snakehead mushroom. Never in my life, nor have I met anyone, who spotted a wild snakehead mushroom from the inside of a moving car. It’s almost as if a fairy told me where to look, and when.



Thinking we had hit the mother-load, we pulled over and started looking for the mushroom’s twin. (They always grow in pairs.) Earlier that morning Daddy found a morel (grey sponge) mushroom at the city park during lacrosse practice. With that one mushroom as our motivation, we headed out of town to the woods to find more.



Snakeheads are usually early, so there is probably still be more to come over the next few weeks. We need rain. (Do I sound like a farmer?)



It’s was almost as if the mushrooms heard us making so much noise, so they tucked back under ground.


I stood in one spot, saw fresh deer tracks, wild roses, earth moist from a creek, and a hill. Here, I had all of the trappings for a big mess of mushrooms. But not one was in sight. But I could smell them.



We found only a few more snakeheads, after a couple of hours searching in the woods. A disappointment, as my sons have now acquired a taste for this exotic delicacy, and there were just a few to share. (I only ate 1 before they were all snatched up!) We took a cell phone picture of our mushroom find for the day and sent it to my brother. His one-word text response was simply, “Where?”




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26 comments to “A New Mushroom Legend”
  1. OK two things. Firstly, what do snakehead mushrooms taste like? Do you eat em raw or cooked? Love the photo of your ‘haul’.

    Secondly: imagine my surprise when the advert on this page was for a photographer HERE in SOUTH AUSTRALIA!!!!!! I guess Google is doing its job pretty well and giving me personalised, localised advertising. Spooky.

    Happy BSM

  2. oh, how fun! great story for the grandkiddies and fun photos, too. i remember my college roommate taking all us “city kids” out hunting for morels and then her mom did something amazing to them…they were sooooo delicious. but i haven’t had them since!

  3. i’m fascinated by this pursuit 🙂 — not being a mushroom fan myself, i don’t plan on hunting any time soon, but it sure looks like a fun outing!

  4. My mom and grandmother used to go pick wild mushrooms. I loved them fryed up in butter. Yummy. But I wouldn’t trust myself to not pick the poisonous ones!

  5. How fun! And great shots to remember the day with. And I have to admit, I have never heard of that kind of mushroom, much less would I know where to find it. But now I have something new to learn about!

  6. The wild adventures I’ve had mushroom eating have little to do with gourmet snooping and a lot to do with college shenanigans but that’s a story for another day. Do try to encapsulate the taste of these strange and amazing fungi. I’m curious.

  7. I suppose morels are hard to mistake, but I’ve never trusted myself to go mushroom hunting. I need to find a trusted expert…

    Even if you didn’t find many, what a wonderful day in the woods!

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  9. ah the Morel Mushroom. My dad was a genius at frying these up.

    (le sigh)

    I know, Dawn. And My Mom was a genius and finding them!!! I wish she could help me more with that part!!

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