A Letter To Be Read The Day My Last Child Starts Kindergarten

I know this is a sad day for you as you are, no doubt, feeling lost without your little shadow, that endearing little Batman, at your heels. Yes, this is the inevitable beginning of continuous separation between you and that little man who charms you so effortless; like every time he breathes.


However, I know this may come as little consolation right now; but I’m here to gently remind you, that while you were in the thick of things, with little ones around you all the time, your life was basically a disorganized, chaotic train wreck. Sorry to be so blunt, but it was.

All day long, you constantly shoved chores and jobs aside, waiting for bedtime, so that you could complete a simple task without interruption, without a an eager “helper”, or to end up distracted away from the job to clean up one spill or another, only to have the job sit unfinished for another couple of days. With voices running through your head all day long, you found it difficult to even think straight. Eventually, this led you to an incredibly long to-do list, for you to start at 9 p.m., that looked like this:

  • Fold three loads of laundry.
  • Figure out what’s for dinner tomorrow night.
  • Complete one hour of Yoga – to de-stress.
  • Get a shower.
  • Eat your lunch.
  • Call insurance company to have representative decipher bill.
  • Return stuff to Target without hands grabbing candy at the checkout.
  • Write a brilliant article for your editor.
  • Make appointment to get eyes checked; and go to appointment. (Takes 2 hours for the exam.)
  • Pay bills.
  • Edit and  tag photos for family album.
  • Edit home movies.
  • Work on kid’s scrapbooks.
  • Comb Hair.
  • Respond to emails.
  • Sign school forms
  • Yet, bedtime called, as you could barely hold your eyes open. Somehow you preserved and accomplished about two things on your above list. You woke to face the next day, after your kids were already awake, of course, adding yesterday’s to-dos to today’s to-dos. You were completely overwhelmed.

    Now, he’s in his half-day kindergarten, and you have an entire 3 hours to yourself…everyday. You can do those very tasks you’ve been putting off for so many years now. Plus, you’ll have a dramatic reduction in the number of messes you clean up each day.  What more could you want?!

    Now, tell me, why are you still crying?

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    2. Oh I’m certain I’ll cry even in a few months when my middle child goes to kindergarten (all day at their school). I relate though, completely, to the long to do list that never gets shorter and very few things seem to be removed from!

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    4. You know….I misted up for about 5 minutes and then sailed out to enjoy sweet freedom! I’ve never looked back 😀

      Now putting her on a train by herself….THAT was a different matter.

      Hope your present self takes on board your past self’s excellent advice (or is it the other way around?)

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