A Good Story Always Helps Me Sleep

The words pulled me back upstairs, for one more tale. I picked up this book, The Hungry Coat: A Tale from Turkey, and hoped I could get away with reading just a few pages, and stopping by saying, “Stay tuned for tomorrow for the ending…”

The Hungry Coat

But the gold leaf intricate illustrations and the flowing prose made it difficult for even this tired mommy to put down the book. The only problem I had with this book, and for that matter all books that are rich in culture, is when the names are impossible to pronounce. In this case, the name is Nasrettin Hoca. (Good luck with that one.) In this story, there are good admonitions about being freshly scrubbed and clean.  But, alas that was not the point of this tale.

‘He who wears heaven in his heart is always well dressed.’


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