A Well-Appointed Christmas List

  • Importance: You will notice immediately, that the child has used categories: Want and Need — helping the parents to prioritize.
  • Priority: Each item is ranked in order of importance.
  • Bonus: Right away, there is a bonus for the parents: The first item, “No Cloths” (Clothes) is a “free” space.
  • Clarity: Let’s be clear – I don’t want to wake up on Christmas morning and open anything that involves “clothing. This is his highest priority.
  • Fantasy: Where are we going to find a family computer for $10,000?
  • Options: There are options here.  The “Book” is a maybe, as is the “blanket.”
  • Mystery: There is a bit of suspense here in the list.  You will notice it under the category under “Want.” Mr. Domino’s are not available in the United States. The mad challenge is on for the parents.
  • Camaraderie: Forza Horizon is also wanted by other brothers.
Basically, this list has all the elements of a magical Christmas morning.



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