What To Get a 21-Year Old, And His Friends

He’s coming home in two, three days – but today, he turned 21. And Cincinnati, is not really that far — so in the middle of mind-boggling chaos, we showed up to take him to lunch, at this beautiful brewery, that was a former church — and I am speechless at how beautiful it is here. img_2712I have no idea, why the browser keeps showing this sideways…

And, for his birthday, I made him a Guinness Cake — along with candles, and left it, college-boy style, in a ziplock bag, with the candles ready to go for later that night.img_2711

Before I left, I hugged him, and told him that “we’ve come a long way since the day you were born.”  I confessed how afraid I was that someone was going to find out how I wasn’t doing anything right — the bath, getting the diaper on straight — and I had such a hard time mastering swaddling, that I was sure someone was going to find out and take you away.  But look — you’re still here, and you’re still mine!



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  1. Happy Birthday to both of you!! (because it means just as much, if not more, to the moms, than it does to the kiddos.) xoxo

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