Love Those Nurses With Extra Training

I find the proliferation of nurse practitioners quite comforting. Sometimes when you’re sitting at the doctor’s office, and she has already left the room, something just pops into your mind–a tiny little question about the simplest thing–and you try to ask the nurse, and she doesn’t know the answer, and she wants to check with the doctor… and you wait. And when the doctor comes in, and you don’t want to waste her time–she’s so busy–so you don’t ask the next question that pops into your mind.


Enter the nurse practitioner.


Knowledgeable, trained, and eager to answer your questions. And more importantly, AVAILABLE! The nurse practitioners I’ve met are just waiting for someone to give them the chance to try out their newfound knowledge. I’ve had quite a battle with Menorrhagia. Just when I think I have the whole thing under control with herbs, my body likes to play a new trick on me and mess everything up. Starting at square one, I’m back at the OB’s office while blood is drawn to see just how anemic I am. They tell me I need Vitamin D, so they give me supplements of that.


Last month, I was sitting in the waiting room, waiting to see the doctor for my annual exam. My mind begins to swim with questions. The doctor says she’s worried about the impact anemia is having on my bones. And then, I wonder about the caffeine in my tea, is it too much? And what about that new cup, would that help simplify my life at all? If I take herbs to stop the flow, how does that impact the body’s need to flush everything out? And then, to top it all off, the receptionist tells me that I don’t have an appointment today. In fact, my annual exam, which I always schedule a year in advance, was never scheduled… according to her books. Here I am, wondering how in the world I can get this pap smear out of the way today since I’m already here. Then the receptionist asks, “Would you like to see our nurse practitioner instead?” “Yes!” I say. I am too relieved to not have to come back twice in the same year. I sit down with the nurse practitioner, and she starts reading my chart. Carefully and conscientiously. And soon, I start pouring out my mind of worrying questions… and she has the answers! She brings me solutions, and puts my mind at ease. She tells me what’s safe to eat, and what isn’t. Plus, she gives me a few new things to worry about. beets001

I learn that my nurse practitioner was originally a nurse, but she too, felt like her patients were not getting the time and attention they needed from their doctors. So, she went back to school to get more training.


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