Monster Fish

There are some monster fish in this lake. I’ve seen them swimming right around our dock….3 bass at the same time. At that point, it’s all the boys can do to talk me back into swimming with them. (What if I touch a fish!?) They are so close to shore…


Plus, there are some Northern Pike — and they really are monsters. Hard to catch too, as they put up such a fight.


But the boys are ready… for whatever the fish might bring.


The boys up here find the prospect of catching that big one, almost irresistible.




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One comment to “Monster Fish”
  1. Good catch!!! My boys are on an “all guy” fishing trip in Canada…the middle of nowhere for the next five days. (Mike, our boys, his brother and his boys and grandpa) I know they are hoping to catch the BIG ONE too!! Now, what to do with my time alone….

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