13 Things that Really Happened When I Left For Vacation (7th)

I should have known things were going to go wrong, when I couldn’t even print my list of 13 things to do before you leave for vacation – due to some hard drive error. So, working from memory, here’s how my way out the door went.

  1. I put the Blockbuster DVDs on the roof of the car, and forgot about them before I drove away. I found one in the neighbor’s yard, but somebody else is keeping Bobby for free. I didn’t even have time to watch it – but I own it now.
  2. I forwarded the mail to the lake house. After I arrived, I learned there is no mail delivery service at our address. So bills, my son’s camp supply list and who knows what else is somewhere in mail limbo land.
  3. I forwarded my home phone to my cell phone. But I forgot to unplug the answering machine. So, if I don’t rush to my cell phone, the answering machine at home picks up the messages. It’s been busy piling them up while I’ve been gone.
  4. Time ran short, so we had to make our library stop to return books on the way out of town. Because the car was so packed so full, it took me about twenty minutes to sort through the car to find all the library books to return. And, I ended up returning some of the new books on tape by mistake.
  5. Could not find the freezer key to lock it.
  6. The dryer was done, the washer empty, and I had just finished putting some baking soda in the toilet, when my little son, who is still a little unsteady on his feet when it comes to the potty, decided to have a nice little accident in his pants just as we were walking out the door. I do not have a back-up plan for this.
  7. As I was cleaning up accident above, I said “heck with the baking soda.”
  8. Did I water the plants?
  9. I hand-washed all the dishes, as I knew I wouldn’t have time to run the full dishwasher cycle before we left so that I could turn off the water. After I had everything cleaned, I realized I left a whole pile of dishes on the counter behind me. I ran the dishwasher and said “heck with turning off the water.”
  10. I arrived, only to find that I am spending an entire month at the lake, and I did not pack a bathing suit for myself.
  11. Garbage is the one thing that did go right.
  12. I migrated all of my blog and photo files to an external hard drive so that I could use my laptop. Triple checked everything. However, the laptop does not recognize the program files, so even though the files are there, the external hard drive are pretty useless to me.
  13. After about two hours down the road, my cell phone rang. It’s the library. They wanted to know why I returned books from a different library in their drop box.

Hey, but at least these guys have their bathing suits.





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31 comments to “13 Things that Really Happened When I Left For Vacation (7th)”
  1. I’m sorry, but I had to laugh at a lot of those… Could have happened to me, easily!!
    My TT lists 13 things I can’t (or don’t want to…) live without.

  2. Wow! I thought leaving things on the car roof was only me…I now own 2 library books AND a DVD because of this. Of course none are in my possession. 🙁 Hope things right themselves quick! Have a great weekend!

  3. Are you on holidays, or going insane??? lol

    It seems as though you should go away and rest, so why divert the home phone to your mobile?
    Take your laptop away with you?
    And the returning of the books to the wrong library had me in laughing out loudly indeed!!!

    Our list is up (if you are reading this whilst away on holidays you naughty girl…) if you have the time to stop by…

  4. Whoa! I’m leaving tomorrow (yes, in the middle of T13ing!) for a few days. I hope you took all the bad mojo with you!

    On a more serious note, your comment about my TT this week was really touching. Thanks. Hope you’ll come by more often, that you’ll buy yourself a new bathing suit, and that the rest of your vacation goes a million times better than its start!

  5. It sounds like a normal trip for me. It wouldn’t be a trip if I didn’t do half of that stuff and maybe about 10 others!

    At least everyone is there safe and sound and you didn’t have pets at home that you forgot to feed or a hamster to make sure was in his cage.

    Ok I’ll fess up to the hamster in his cage but I’ve always left food for my pets :)!

  6. Oh my gosh! This sounds like things that happen to me EVERY time I try to go on vacation! Great list! Thanks for the laugh! 😉 (At your expense.) Hope your arrival home was a little less eventful. 🙂

  7. LOL sorry to laugh but you know. Funny! I hope things are finally settled and you’re enjoying your month long retreat at the lake. What I wouldn’t give to be able to write those words. Month long at the lake!!

  8. Sometimes we need a vacation to recover from the vacation! Enjoy yours and remember to breath in, breath out!

    Have a wonderful time!

  9. Awww heck, you’re on vacation! Though the list gave me a good chuckle (only because I remembered your list prior to this one) it only shows that there’s only so much organization a mom’s brain can handle. So the mail and phone messages pile up, and the water’s left on…but look at your kids! They’re totally diggin’ their time at the lake. Go get yourself a kickass swimsuit and fill us in on all the fun you’re having!

    Happy Thursday (I’m so jealous you’re at the lake!)

  10. Darn computers. Never do what you need. Well almost never 🙂

    Okay only sometimes but those sometimes when they don’t work are really irritating.

  11. Oh my! I’m sorry, I had to laugh too. Your list sounded like something that would happen to me–Murphy has lots of clones, right? I’ve forgotten to pack myself underwear, sleepware, bath suits, all kinds of stuff and I find that if I DO remember the bathing suit that’s when I would have a visit from my unwelcome “friend”. Hope you have/had a wonderful time at the lake!

  12. Your list of things your forgot to do sounds a lot like mine! At least we’ll only be gone for a week and have cat sitter who got a “to do” e-mail from me regarding all the undone things!

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