13 Things to Do Before You Walk Out the Door For Vacation

Men, when you’re standing at the back door with the car running, trying to get a jump on the traffic, and she’s still in the house doing “whatever” it is she is doing. This is what she’s doing. Grab a number and go help her. And ladies, here’s a checklist to help keep you sane while he’s rushing you to get on the road. If you don’t want to come home to a smelly house – you’ll need to plan ahead a little bit.

  1. Go through your pile of library books and return them. While you’re there, check out some new books for you (and kids) to read. Don’t forget audio books for long car rides. Don’t forget to return DVDs to Blockbuster.
  2. Set up your e-mail account to an “out ” message.
  3. Hold Mail and newspapers. Pay bills that will be due while gone.
  4. Arrange lights or radio to turn on periodically with a timer.
  5. Lock your freezer. (Upright models) and put the key on top of the freezer so someone can find it.
  6. Make arrangements for a neighbor or friend to have a key to your house or apartment – or at least know where one is. Give them a number where you can be reached.
  7. THE NEXT ONES ARE LAST MINUTE: LAST ONE OUT THE DOOR — Pour some baking soda into each of the toilets and the sink drains – no one wants to smell stagnant water.
  8. Water plants
  9. Unplug toaster, mixer, computer, TV and other appliances.
  10. Turn down heat (not off! Or your pipes will freeze!), and or turn up air conditioning.
  11. Take out all garbage
  12. Make sure there are no wet clothes in washer or dryer – or wet rags in the sink or bathroom. Hang to dry.
  13. Shut off the water — and make sure the dishwasher is not full of dirty dishes.
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  1. Good ideas. I always have someone take care of pets and plants, so I like to do a final look through my list of instructions before I leave. Just in case I missed something.

  2. Wow, you’re thorough. We were just away for 3 weeks. I tried to have the (Israeli) post office hold my mail, but they had no idea what I was talking about! It apparently doesn’t exist here.

    Happy TT.

  3. You must live in a very different climate. No freezing pipes here. I’ve never had to turn off the water for a vacation. No AC to do anything with and I’d certainly never leave it running while away — what a waste of energy! Nor would I leave the heater on except on a timer if my cat is home and it’s cold.

    I also don’t leave away messages on my email because the bouncing message is more annoying than not getting a reply for a few days.

    While you’re on vacation, take along some books for fun and join my Beach Blanket Bonzana.

    Happy TT.

  4. Sometimes — the freezer door pops open — and this is for the stand up models. If it does while you’re gone — well. Not good. Just to be safe, lock it. If it’s a chest type, you should be fine without the key.

    Pussreboots, we must keep the heat on in the winter — 55 degrees. If we don’t, the pipes freeze, and explode, and water damage all over the place. Air conditioner is optional — if you have plants or animals, and it gets over degrees, it could get pretty uncomfortable.

  5. My family was famous for running around the house checking everything and then remembering 10 minutes down the road what we forgot to do. Always a little hectic.

  6. Great list, but most of these can be accomplished in just one move…
    Get a friend to stay!!! Works for us every time…
    Stop on by and have a look at our list if you have the time, I think you might like it…

  7. Great list! Last years vacation I forgot to return the books/videos to the library and had to pay close to $25! I’ll never forget again! 😉 Hope your weekend is great!

  8. We have a list of things to do before we go too!! should remember the baking soda for the toilets next time (but we are never gone more than 2 weeks at a time). Why do you lock your freezer?? because the neighbors might use the house key? LOL
    happy tt!

  9. These are very helpful tips especially if you’re going out for a long vacation. Thanks for sharing them here 🙂

    Happy Thursday!

  10. Baking soda? ooooh! Good idea! As for watering the plants…I’m not sure if you have it over there in the US. But there is this special kind of jelly-like substance that you soak in water to soak up the…uh,water, and you scatter them around your plants. It can keep your plant watered for up to 3 weeks.

  11. It is always my job to turn off the water to the washing machine. We didn’t do that one year and our house flooded…ut oh!

    I don’t turn off the water entirely because we still have a cat lazing around the house while we’re gone.

  12. I wish I took vacations that lasted more than a week, just a workaholic I guess. Biggest dilem is what to do with the dog, 2 cat’s, 3 turtles?

  13. Great ideas, I’m going on vacation soon, I’ll have to remember these, especially the wet clothes in the washer thing, I’m famous for leaving clothes in there! Happy TT!

  14. don’t forget to have everyone potty BEFORE you put the baking soda in the toilet. Other wise, you will get stuck there until it’s time to go.

  15. The baking soda is a great idea for us and our water. One other thing, empty the rubbish. I love to clean before I leave, so I can come home to a clean house. HA, rarely happens.

  16. SO TRUE!! Great list, I know for a fact that I forget to do most of these before I go on a trip especially well all pretty much.

    My TT is up 13 sexiest musicians

  17. We do most of that now, not the baking soda, but we aren’t gone that long. Turning off the water heater (not all climates I suppose) is supposed to save considerably on electric bills. Great list.

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  19. Great ideas! Don’t forget about arranging pet care way ahead of time! It is not always easy to get someone to watch Fluffy! We have fish that need someone to come and care for them, so we end up with a house sitter.

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