13 Things to Do Before You Walk Out the Door For Vacation

Men, when you’re standing at the back door with the car running, trying to get a jump on the traffic, and she’s still in the house doing “whatever” it is she is doing. This is what she’s doing. Grab a number and go help her. And ladies, here’s a checklist to help keep you sane while he’s rushing you to get on the road. If you don’t want to come home to a smelly house – you’ll need to plan ahead a little bit.

  1. Go through your pile of library books and return them. While you’re there, check out some new books for you (and kids) to read. Don’t forget audio books for long car rides. Don’t forget to return DVDs to Blockbuster.
  2. Set up your e-mail account to an “out ” message.
  3. Hold Mail and newspapers. Pay bills that will be due while gone.
  4. Arrange lights or radio to turn on periodically with a timer.
  5. Lock your freezer. (Upright models) and put the key on top of the freezer so someone can find it.
  6. Make arrangements for a neighbor or friend to have a key to your house or apartment – or at least know where one is. Give them a number where you can be reached.
  7. THE NEXT ONES ARE LAST MINUTE: LAST ONE OUT THE DOOR — Pour some baking soda into each of the toilets and the sink drains – no one wants to smell stagnant water.
  8. Water plants
  9. Unplug toaster, mixer, computer, TV and other appliances.
  10. Turn down heat (not off! Or your pipes will freeze!), and or turn up air conditioning.
  11. Take out all garbage
  12. Make sure there are no wet clothes in washer or dryer – or wet rags in the sink or bathroom. Hang to dry.
  13. Shut off the water — and make sure the dishwasher is not full of dirty dishes.
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57 comments to “13 Things to Do Before You Walk Out the Door For Vacation”
  1. I almost think you need a vacation just from getting ready to go on one, right? There’s always a million things exactly like that to do and the hubby and the kids are just like “whatever”, throw a couple of things in a bag and off we go! It never works that way for the moms!

    Happy TT
    Jessica The Rock Chick

  2. Wow! What an impressive list! I really appreciate that remark of putting the key to the freezer so it could be found – I like to feed the eventual people watching my place while I’m gone… *giggles*

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  4. Not a big fan of the way Susie has assumed all men are completely oblivious of what to do while all women are prepared.

    Seeming as I am a guy looking up 3 months before my holiday exactly what to pack and prepare, to make up for the fact that my girlfriend will most likely forget, so bad start to this blog!
    Try and keep your sexist views to yourself in future blog posts!

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