13 Best Kid Quotes

When I was pregnant, everyone said, “Kids grow up too fast.” They also said, “kids say the darndest things.” I vowed to make it last as long as I could by recording the best of the things they said. So, instead of a yearly brag letter about us at Christmas Time — I put a list of our favorite kid quotes from the year on the card. I think it says more about our family than any brag letter ever could. Here’s 13:

  1. Mom, did you know that you’re older than Jesus? He died at 33.
  2. You don’t need to hold my Hand mom, I won’t fly away – it’s not that windy.
  3. Did Santa bring this? Why does it say “Made in China.”
  4. Do you know why we have to use these tiny screwdrivers to change the batteries in toys? Elves.
  5. “Can I use some of your money? I’m tired of using mine.”
  6. “Guess how much this Bionicle costs?” “100 dollars?” “Nope. 100 bucks.”
  7. “I used to have crooked teeth. But then I lost them, so now I don’t have that problem anymore.”
  8. “Mom, I can’t wear that. Everyone would say, what happened to your coolness.
  9. “I figured out what ’just a minute’ means — No.”
  10. Let’s go on a hay ride. “What kind of animal is a hay?”
  11. “Is it OK to jump off the top of the tree house?”
  12. How about a break from piano lessons? “yeah, a long one.”
  13. “My Dad goes to work to drink Apple Juice and to color.”


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24 comments to “13 Best Kid Quotes”
  1. Two favs from your list:

    “Can I use some of your money? I’m tired of using mine.”

    Ain’t it the truth? Well, I’m tired of using mine, so can I use yours?


    “Is it OK to jump off the top of the tree house?”

    When I was a kid, I found that it was better–in a kind of kid sense–to just jump off the garage roof and ask forgiveness later…


  2. This is a wonderful idea to use for Christmas cards. I’ll have to start writing down some of the crazy things my girls say. Your kids sound like a lot of fun. 🙂

  3. What a great idea well, another great idea of yours! I’m a gonna copy this one, K?!

    Thank you for your encouraging comments at my little blog, I really appreciate you SusieJ.

  4. Why is it that the males always go for 11? My boys — and I guess all of you males — have a fascination with anything that involves high places and jumping.

    And yes — all of you who want to steal this idea — steal away. Maybe we can put an end to the Christmas Brag Letters.

  5. LOL!
    My son had a good one this week. He’s almost 3 and newly toilet trained. I bought him ‘big boy’ underwear and he declared to the world that they were ‘Carrots of the Pirabbean’ underwear!

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