114 Views, and Only Ten Votes?

My son nudged me out of bed Tuesday morning at 6:00. “This is the day, Mom…to post the pictures.” Right… I’m on it. Bleary eyed, we came down stairs to pick the best photo of the Lego creations he had made Friday night… the night we learned about the Lego Contest, Build Your Best Ohio.

(Yes… I’m breaking my rule about kid posts… and no, I don’t have everything ready for the new place yet…but this is an emergency.)

He carefully went on the internet to search for some of his favorite things… “Is the Sears Tower in Ohio?  How about the Golden Gate Bridge?” After enough searching, he narrowed down his building to three, not just one, Ohio Landmarks.

Here they are:


Apollo 11, (Neil Armstrong) The Huntington Center, and The Wright Brother’s Airplane. He named it, “Look How Great Ohio Is!” Is that not adorable, right in itself?

We loaded the photos, and I voted for him, giving him the first vote… and he was the first entry.

Just ask me how thankful I was when I woke up today, and tried to vote again, and the site said, “You already voted!” What a score! I am not obligated to continue voting for the next four week, every day — no pressure! Because, I know I would miss a few days, and feel plagued with guilt… with no recovery…

But something is bothering me. We have over 100 views, and only 10 votes! Please, if you can find it in your heart, give him a vote, please.

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  1. Voted and if people don’t want to vote because of privacy issues just click “skip” for the allow to post as me or whatever that box says =). Best of Luck!

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