sEleven years ago this morning, you came to us in a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation.
I remember feeling like it was Christmas morning on December 14.
I remember feeling bewildered, and at the same time, so honored, to be given such a magnificent gift.
I remember watching as you were carried in your Dad’s arms, and his eyes could barely move from your face.
I remember the relief I felt when my Mom came rushing to my bedside, and her eyes understood the complete state of joy I was in, without having to say a word to her.
I remember your feet, your toes, and your fingers that wrapped around 11Scanned Photo-2-26-1my thumb so tightly.
I remember feeling your heart beating so fast, and so steady.
As I held you, I remember understanding, for the first time, just how much my own parents loved me.
I remember you, fitting perfectly in my arms.
I remember wishing you the entire world.
And today, I remember all the joy you bring into our lives. Football games, tricks on your brothers, great stories, soccer games, playing basketball, funny jokes, gorgeous artwork, school open houses, string concerts, playdates and plays. And most of all, just filling our lives with your smile.
Happy Birthday.

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  1. Wonderful Document!

    Please tell ZACHARY- Happy Birthday!
    I never sent a card!
    I remember when Zachary got ” THE pink eye” as he called it. hahaha He was such a good sport about everything. I remember how he loved to look at books and use his creative mind. Have a great day Zachary!

    Love, Barbie

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