Sailing Gratitude Banner

The temperatures warmed up enough for me to give these beautiful construction paper origami boats two coats of semi-gloss polyethylene  which intensified the color of the boats and made them just a bit sturdier.

Now they can withstand their month-long debut of sailing in our west-facing windows for Thanksgiving.  And, like I keep telling my son, for all the Thanksgivings to come when he brings his own kids.

Bamboo sticks, broken in half, were used for the sails, and the we are using them to write letters of graitutde and

prayers for Thanksgiving.

I found these adorable Thanksgiving printables from the TomKat Studios to add “Give Thanks.”

After printing the letters, and cutting them out, I made “pennants” from my latest Garnet Hill catalog, gluing each letter onto the triangles. I love how the sun shines through the paper, giving them a vintage look — full of the vibrant colors of fall.

Want to make your own Origami Boat? Here’s how:


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