Just make the cookie dough for now

The first thing I like to do on Friday after Thanksgiving is to clear the decks of the orange and browns of Thanksgiving and usher in the beautiful bright colors of Christmas as soon as possible. I have a ritual for this — I make cookie dough. I didn’t say I make cookies — I just make the dough, and then I store the dough in my freezer.

Once it’s there, it’s so easy to pull out a ball of dough and roll them out for cookies whenever the Christmas Elf mood strikes us — with half of the mess that baking cookies traditionally requires. I see the whole cookie baking process, with kids in the house, as a step by step process. Baby steps; break things down.

I’ve been tagged by Angie, and Motherwise for some memes. First, I will do that seven weird random things meme. Angie’s will take some time.

  1. I wear socks to bed every night. Even in the summer. If I get cold, then I spend the rest of the night getting up to pee. So, I just wear socks, and everyone gets some zzzs.
  2. After my Mom died, I kept checking my e-mail — I just had this feeling that she had some lost e-mail left out in the cybersphere that didn’t make it to me yet. And that e-mail would just explain EVERYTHING. It has yet to arrive. OK, Mama Milton, I’m sticking with the weird here too.
  3. When I do get up to pee at 2 a.m., I have deep dark thoughts. They frighten me. Does anyone else out there have those? I’d like to have a discussion about them on the blogsphere — get them all out in the open while it’s daylight. Because, during the day, these deep dark thoughts don’t look so deep and dark. And then, maybe, at 2 a.m. I could just read what we said during the day –instead of bugging you with a phone call at 2 a.m. — and I wouldn’t be so frightened.
  4. I’m a very good at the piano. I won contests and stuff.
  5. I have a passion for design and architecture magazines. I drool over Metropolitan Home, Better Homes and Gardens (did they just fold or something), and I have a subscription to Architectural Digest. But, I can’t figure out where to put the sofa, or hang a picture. But I like the pretty pictures in the magazines.
  6. I used to be an avid gardner — before kids. I knew the names of plants, just by looking at it’s leaves. I knew when to plant it, when it would flower, the best time to prune it, and where it originated from (it’s habitat). What is more fascinating, to me, is that I never formally studied this. I just watched a few shows on TV, visited a lot of garden stores, and started gardening. But, when I had kids, I found it very difficult to focus on the plants and hear what they were trying to “say” as I weeded. I got so frustrated that I just walked away from my shovel, took off my gloves and never looked back. Surprisingly, I don’t miss gardening — but I still remember everything about the plants. It was a language I seemed to have learned.
  7. I feel like cooking everything in site today. Mainly, because I just want to eat everything in site today. I’m taking advantage of it and baking like a fiend — Chex Mix, Marshmallows, Gingerbread — because I may not have this muse later on this month when I really need it.

Who to tag? Patios, Crunchy Domestic Housewife, Zena, BusyMom (no, you’re not the worst) Jenny, Painted Maypole, Slouching Mom and my fun single girl-friend Garnet have already been tagged. Leslie and Aussie Mum did the 8 meme, which I am staying far away from. The Wink, Melinda Zook, Sabbatical from Sanctity, Kiwi Countdown, Damama, Whoisgoingtotellyou and therapydoc. are tagged, So, who can I tag? For sure, Amy, Janey, Melody, Louann, Sassafras (how have you been lately?) and Mountain Mama. Maybe Gift of Green could do 7 green things about her, besides freezing her bum.

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12 comments on “Just make the cookie dough for now
  1. bless you for remembering I just did this meme. ;) and linking to me regardless. you rock.

    i love that you told us you played piano. kind of humbly and footshuffling, but you bragged a bit on yourself. Fantastic.

    Why don’t you come over, bring some cookies, and play some Carols. I’ll sing along and have some hot apple cider. With rum, if you like. ;)

  2. I don’t have the dark thoughts at night, but my mother does. It must be very disturbing.

    I’ve left gardening till my kids have grown-up a little too, but I don’t have your talent or knowledge. I know nothing at all, but am inspired by you that it’s possible to learn.

  3. Is it OK that I’m happy that I’ve done this one? I am so memed out.

    Though I really enjoyed reading YOUR facts.

    Re the piano? Are you classically trained? I played from the age of six to fifteen…

  4. #3 — ditto — 2 a.m., deep dark thoughts, the whole deal. A blogosphere discussion would be cool — they do, always, seem so silly by day. But at night? Yikes — going back to sleep isn’t easy . . .

    Ditto on #6 as well — I keep trying to recapture the gardener, but it’s half-hearted — and that’s surprisingly okay :)

    Good list!

  5. Oh, it is tough when everyone has been tagged. You could always modify the meme. I enjoyed reading your answers. I have no deep thoughts when up in the night, just paranoid musing about what the effects of prolonged sleep deprivation are for a fetus.

  6. Yes, Slouching Mom, classically trained, which, Painted Maypole, makes it almost impossible for me to sit around the piano while you all gather around and sing. Because I can’t do that kind of playing. Mozart, Chopin and Bach — no razzamatazz sing-along stuff. Which, is sad. But, I’ll be glad to drink the cider with rum and sing.

    Angie, you too on the dark thoughts, huh? They are not fun. Although they make no sense during the day.

    The gardening thing — it’s so freeing to just leave that all behind for now. Gardening actually takes up a lot of brain space — you’re always thinking about filling this in, what will happen when this gets divided, and where to move the babies, and what can you add here for fall color? And not to mention all the planning for protection in the winter. A lot of thought.

  7. I have the dark thoughts at night thing, too. It’s my husband (who works a night shift) who gets my frightened phone calls at 2 a.m. He’d sign me up for the dark thoughts support group in a heartbeat.

  8. Those 2 a.m. thoughts are just not any good at all. Lucky for me, I’m a deep sleeper.
    I love home design magazines too and whooo, my house does not reflect this.

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