After School Tarts

With aching, empty stomachs, two brothers walk home from school together. There, they are greeted by two toddler brothers; these little ones are too excited and too anxious to see them. The older brothers grumble and push the little ones aside; screams and whines begin. Just as one, prompted by the urges of his stomach, reaches for the refrigerator to make a PB&J sandwich, his 18th this week, I gently place my hand on the door to stop him.

Instead, I place a ball of freshly-made dough in his hand. I give another boy a bowl of frozen strawberries – the ones we picked last June. I give another a bowl of frozen blueberries, which we picked in August. I ask them to mix in the sugar and lemon juice.

Soon, we’re rolling the dough.

We pinch the sides and make little bowls. They scoop in the berries. We put them in the oven and mark them with b (for boy). Soon, warm soft dough, juicy sweet berries, have filled their mouths and soothed the hungry beasts.

Pie Crust Recipe: (I cheated, and used a food processor. I also tripled the recipe, and saved the extra in the freezer for another mouth-watering snack.)

Baking with kids is messy. This can help: Put a cloth tabelcloth on the table, and do all the measuring, mixing and pouring there. When you’re done, just wrap the tablecloth up in a ball, shake it outside, and throw it in the washer.

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